Wednesday, 29 December 2010

When the boss in town !

Fuhh penat sungguh rasanya hari ni...MRH is in house since Monday, macam biasa have discussion over breakfast ler kat mana lagi Ali Maju then back to office for me to continue my task.  

Today as programme meeting DF kat Suasasana Sentral but first need to go to Sg Wang arr to meet up with Nicole of Reliance to collect hanger ke hapa yg didatangkan dari Turkey kot..for the last group where Cybil promised to give him as souvenier...hehehe after long time MRH ask me to take lor but I refused.  So dari Sg Wang we have to go KL Sentral for the meeting and I ni mmg bad navigator so told MRH to take right turn dekat corner Genting tu..rupa2 nya not allowed wehhhh n the Tourist police stop us ler..
Nasib mmg baik coz the officer tu budak Kelate n MRH ore Kelate gok jadi lepaih ler..Alhamdulillah so we proceed to Sentral arr..mcm biasa kena tawaf coz parking terlajak but we arrive there gak ler n DF was having his breakfast.  So the meeting continue..on sales, target, budget, accounts..hehehe x payah ler cite habis kat sini sebab yg pasti I need to make paperwork and proposal to submit to get $$$ or watsoever la

We done the meeting at +-1330 and MRH said we proceed terus ke UPM and as usual bad navigator silap bagi instruction n we heading to Klang..hahahahaha dengan both of us sibuk online on the phone la bla bla bla..calling D'Hubby biasa ler asik angin jer bila I silap so better call Aqeem after making the turn and he told that we shd take the Seremban highway then PLUS...Alhamdulillah..even MRH is bad driver coz talking on phone while driving tu but we arrived juo.  


Meeting Azlan pegawai khas to Prof Fauzi again ler and terkeluar ler cite tat embarrased both me n MRH gak ler jadi dok sorry ajer coz kekadang ni ticketing ni x bijak sokmo..main buat kerja x guna akal gamaknya..ish ish ish..Nothing much being discussed only that he, Prof Fauzi and another fellow is travelling to BKI next Jan 2011 so kena ler jaga wehhh...Returning home was easy babe!

Ish ish ish MRH lapor sokmo so he ask the staff to join for lunch at almost 1700hrs HAHAHAHA at Seri Petani and again was open table talk on the job, duties, allowance etc etc and we end up at almost 1815hrs and if lama think I need to dismissed coz nak collect $$$ from AlHarthi before 2100hrs.  
Otw back to office AlHarthi called up saying he is going home tonite and leaving the hotel at 1900hrs...


Imagine I have to run to reach AnCasa before 1900hrs to collect the $$$ dengan hari dah gelap nak hujan..
Alhamdulillah Mr D'Hubby is great driver and we reach on time (it took about 15mins from my office to AnCasa) dan dalam tu dok calling AnCasa to hold the guest kot2 ler dia nak ca alif buttt and spoke to Hakimi to take cash from him if I x sempat but Allah Maha Besar and I arrive to meet him and collect $$$ from AlHarthi and snap pics of them too.

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