Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry XMas

Yeah...good morning dear readers! good morning dear bloggers!

Have just join ShaShinki into my blog for new income..heh!  Feeling energetic not because today is Christmas Day, also not really becasue of ShaShinki but today we are going to travel to Melaka for my sweet sister Kyla's wedding.  Will tell more later with photos for Kyla is a sweet and pretty girl who used to work with me in the travel agent in Sheraton Imperial Hotel.

Suddenly my hubby bangun pulak dah and dok tanya if I have done the booking for his friend to any Islands..Pangkor, Penang (hehehehe..its an Island too), Langkawi (fuhhh...fully booked and mostly you can get it when walk in but the price is very pricy.  East Coast island...dont ask arr coz now Monsoon lor

Got to get ready and prepared for the wedding!

Have fun all!  Ho ho ho 

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