Thursday, 23 December 2010

My work..PMR results..etc etc

PMR result is out today! Well I am not so eager so is my dearie Angah Ammar coz think he knows what the result would be.  Then today Bang Yong supposed to go for an interview at Pavilion...well youngsters! they always wanted to look cool esp when working in Pavi..hehehe.  Me as office with normal routine after had bad day the night before with Swiss Garden Kuala Lumpur.

As promise I got the $$ sales commission to Ms Nurul for BPN package so I will make sure to settle it.  Ayong cancelled going to Pavi coz his Pak Long wanted him to help him at Shah Alam..not a problem to me so as this will ensure he is away from lepakking and wasting time without a point! hehehhe.  Otw to WWM called up Angah n well not a surprise but still a disappointment to me coz he only got 3B and C and D.  What can I say?

Had lunch at Georgetown White Coffee with sweety Nurul Huda Dato Jamaluddin and talking over business matters la as usual!

Ohhh..btw I have 2 couples in town both are Omanis..a honeymooner couple Masoud Ali Masoud AlHadrami and wife Rajaa stayed in Corona and will leave to Penang by bus and another just arrive last nite AlHarthi Mohammed and wife with 2 children in Radius Hotel Kuala Lumpur whom I meet last night for his movement.  Its difficult to get room so I have to managed and book which ever hotel are available for usual.

I need to go to sleep and make sure the issue of Swiss Garden is settled tomorrow.  Will blog more on my routine.. rain or shine.  Thanks readers!

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