Sunday, 2 January 2011

Icha new toy 311210

Akhirnya we got Icha her long request toy...the bicycle!  After came back from SMKWM2 we both were sooo tired and thinking of buying the bicycle in the evening.  After resting for some times me and D'Hubby went to buy food (lauk pauk) but I have cooked the rice..too tired to cook too coz the day was soooo hot!

After buying the dishes, we straight went to the normal bicycle shop to get her the bicycle...she is soooooo happy.  We got it for RM125 after discount of RM10 jer....Icha deserved to have the bicycle lorrr

Icha is on her bicycle!

Eh! eh! Kak Yang try test cuba the small bicycle nampaknyaaa

So that evening I cook prawn fritters (cucur udang) and hot milo to have for picnic which watching Icha and her other sisters cycling..hehehehe what an enjoyable day!

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