Monday, 3 January 2011

Jom ke sekolah days again for 2011.  As usual the girls have to sleep early since they need to wake up at 0615 to get prepared to school.  This time and this year its gonna still be 5 kiddos going to school leyyy.  Ammar Razi is going to Form 4, Amanda is going to secondary school in SKMWM2 in form 1 Amanah, Iman Najirah is in year 6 (sitting for UPSR), Amelia in year 5 (still relax year) and my sweet pie Icha is now in kindergarden...huhuhu..wat a grown up kiddos I have now! and dearie Azmer is now relaxing aka sleeping till his result (hope he is getting good result so he can go further study in good Unis...Insyallah)

Me and D'Hubby both on leave...but D'Hubby need to go to office to submit his claims and others before close of accounts....(macam x cuti lorr) and me can work from home but standby for any calls from the staff too... :(( luckily the new staff coming tomorrow 02 Jan and only having the trainee for interview...

After sending Kak Yang then Kak Chik and Miya we both send Icha to school too...seems very easy as she seems like very independent and dont far until this is being blogged.  Had breakfast with Mak and Abah then again stopby to usher Icha to ensure she is all right..hehehehe...and yes she is!  We both went home coz D'Hubby need to go to office to settle things and me at home to cook lunch and going out to fetch them later la...

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