Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How to Change Author Name in Blog

A couple of days ago one of my friend asked “how to  change the author name on my blogger blog” , at that time I did not know the answer but today i have found the answer and I am going to post it here for my readers for sharing the knowledge
Steps to change author name:
§  Sign in to your dashboard –>Design (Edit Layout)–>Edit HTML
§  Click on “Expand Widget Templates
§  Search for the following content

§  Now replace  of above code with your new author name.
§  Click on “Save Templates” and Refresh your site.
This how you can change the author name in blogger.
UPDATE: If above mentioned steps didnt work for you and you are using new interface of blogger, then you can also try below mentioned steps to change the author name in blogger.
§  Sign in to your blogger account
§  After Signing in, click on the downward arrow available at the top right corner (beside the display name of you on the blog).
§  Now click on the blogger profile.
§  Now click on the Edit profile (link is available at the top right corner, after above step).
§  Now you are on “Edit User Profile” page, from here look for “Display Name”. Once you reached to the Display Name text field, update the display name here (whatever you want to write), Save the profile.
This how you can change the author name in new blogger interface. Good luck!
and you can read thru the link http://www.mlivetech.com/2011/04/19/change-the-author-name-in-blogger/

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