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January 5, 2015

Tips untuk lock folder dalam Windows 7


Anda nak kunci (lock) dan letak katakunci (passoword) pada file simpanan dalam Windows 7?  Pastikan anda adalah Administrator dan punya beberapa akaun dalam Window 7, kemudian blok beberapa folder penting atau sulit yang tak boleh dibuka dan dibaca orang lain.  Setiap kali ada penceroboh atau anda sendiri nak buka kena masukkan katakunci kalau tidak memang tiada siapa boleh membukannya

Kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan, boleh komen dan saya akan kembali membantu. InshaAllah

Do you want to lock and password protect your important folders in Windows 7? If you are an administrator and have multiple accounts set up in Windows 7, then you can block few important folders so that they can not be accessed by other users. Every time the blocked folder will be accessed, it will ask for administrator password. Therefore the folder will be locked permanently unless you don’t remove the lock yourself.

To lock a folder, right-click on that folder and select Properties. Now navigate to Security tab, and clickEdit as shown in the screenshot below.
security settings
A new window will pop-up, now under “Group and User Names”, select the user from the list whom you want to deny access to a specific folder, now under “Permissions for Users” check the Deny checkbox next to Modify(all other checkbox will get ticked automatically) as shown in the screenshot below.
deny access

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