Traffic for newbies in blogging

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Just wanna share some tips on how to get more traffic into your blog

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Just sample

1. Blogwalking - visit all blog, leave your blog link on their post, comment their post and say hi

2. Your post entry should be awesome that will make people wanna view your blog like 'the biggest cat or the craziest dog that sound exagerate hehe

3. Update your blog with the latest news such as "Oppa Gangnam style" Dont wait if you wait maybe even for a week it will no longer hot news

4. Ping your blog.  Put your blog in the search engine.  How to ping? Below are the list that you may try ok.

Good luck!

terima kasih atas kunjungan dan komen, sungguh sangat

kalau ada kesempatan saya akan balas, InsyaAllah

komen baik-baik tau!

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