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September 11, 2015

I remember Him

When TV came to my house. I forgot how to read books.

When the car came to my doorstep, I forgot how to walk

When I got the mobile in my hand, I forgot how to write letters.

When computer came to my house, I forgot spellings.

When the A C came to my house, I stopped going under the tree for cool breeze

When I stayed in the city, I forgot the smell of mud

By dealing with banks, I forgot the value of money.

With the smell of perfume, I forgot the fragrance of fresh flowers.

With the coming of fast food, I forgot to cook dal and rice.

Always running around, I forgot how to stop.

And lastly when I got watsapp, I forgot how to sleep...

When I complain about the taste of my food
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who used to fasten some stones on his stomach to hold on his hunger

When I complain about how less clothes I have
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who had only two pieces of clothes for the rest of His life

When I complain of how uncomfortable my bed is 
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who slept on the palm frond and coarse cloth in his entire life

When I become so miser to give and share with others..
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who used to give his everything that he almost left nothing for himself

When I think of how poor I am
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ
who loved the poor so much and said to be with them in jannah, it cheers me up

When I'm upset of those who hurt me
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who had mercy on those who did evil to Him

When I think of those who hate me
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who always prayed for those who had insulted Him

When people don't thank me for what I do
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who reminded me that the best reward is from Allah's side

When none loves me..
I remember that I have Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who loves me for thousand years

When I think of how miserable my life is..
I remember Him
Muhammad ﷺ

who had more struggle life than mine, and it strengthens me

May peace be upon Him, my beloved
May peace be upon Him, my role model
May peace be upon Him,
My Rasool Allah Muhammad ﷺ

May peace be upon Him  He's the best example
for our lives!....

Above is one of the Best Ever Message I have Received.
Kindly circulate this in ur friend circle and other groups...

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