Day 02 Love Your Spouse challenge kat FB - cabaran 7 hari!

12:27 AM

Cabaran hari seterusnya..jeng jeng jengggg

Day 02 ~ Love Your Spouse challenge. I was challenged by my sweet SILZety Zainal to post photos with my beloved spouse for 7 days and to tag 2 people each day to keep the celebration of love and the promotion of traditional marriage going. Challenge accepted
I then challenge my nieces Rosmawati Saad Rosma Saad and Nurull Ruseli 😘💜😘
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Picture ni waktu teman d'hubby buat dobi kat Laundry Bar...mmg dah rutin dia seminggu 3-4 kali ke Laundry Bar untuk cuci pakaian, then terus lipat dan bila balik cuma punggah keluar dari bakul untuk masuk ke dalam almari...mithali kan hubby SSL ni..yesss..the best guy and now and forever..

Awat nampak hubby cheq ni nampak hensem macam pelakon pulak ni..haha

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