Thursday, August 25, 2016

Enjoying ride for 2016..public transport..i can do it lah

Finally..I am on the train ride from Wangsa Maju to Universiti station...contemplating to drive or to take LRT..mensch after a long pause hurm hurm...yeah I on the train hahaha.
Actually I prefer driving so I need not to walk haha but going to an event in Pullman Hotel Bangsar will sure drives me crazy as I need to find parking lot which always not easy..having to go around and around n wasting my time...erkk wasting gas haahaahaha
Got me a cab instead of walking to the station..hahaha.  Well considering I am saving time hehe
Reason for taking public tranport
1. No traffic
2. Save gas to searxh for parking
3. Can play game n view FB, Tagged, IG
Very important point for me...
Get alert for the station..or else I might arrive somewhere else huhu.  Well I have experience few times lol..wrong station la.took train at wrong station huhu WHY
Coz not alert eh...more to jakun haha..
Till now I just arrive KL Sentral hehe seems like another 4 station and now is already 1300 haaha..what else to say ya
Ok time to get alert
Psst..i am wearing sandal n have spare stiletto in the bag...haahahaaaa

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