Thursday, 25 August 2016

Enjoying ride for 2016..public transport..i can do it lah

Finally..I am on the train ride from Wangsa Maju to Universiti station...contemplating to drive or to take LRT..mensch after a long pause hurm hurm...yeah I on the train hahaha.
Actually I prefer driving so I need not to walk haha but going to an event in Pullman Hotel Bangsar will sure drives me crazy as I need to find parking lot which always not easy..having to go around and around n wasting my time...erkk wasting gas haahaahaha
Got me a cab instead of walking to the station..hahaha.  Well considering I am saving time hehe
Reason for taking public tranport
1. No traffic
2. Save gas to searxh for parking
3. Can play game n view FB, Tagged, IG
Very important point for me...
Get alert for the station..or else I might arrive somewhere else huhu.  Well I have experience few times lol..wrong station la.took train at wrong station huhu WHY
Coz not alert eh...more to jakun haha..
Till now I just arrive KL Sentral hehe seems like another 4 station and now is already 1300 haaha..what else to say ya
Ok time to get alert
Psst..i am wearing sandal n have spare stiletto in the bag...haahahaaaa

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