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Bet each one of us have will have this but it's either obvious to other people or perhaps we are good in hiding it or maybe we are gifted not having any.. 

Let's find out what are the signs ;D

Image result for stress
Image result for stress

Stress manifest itself in a variety of physical ailments, including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, back and skin problem.

But some signs of stress can be more obvious to the people we're with than to ourselves.

If you recognize any of them, its time to make changes like, set, priorities, get organised, slow down and seek professional help if necessary.

Here are some stress warning signs to watch for
  • Exaggerating normal behavior i.e. hard workers turn into workaholics, quite people turn into loners
  • Having sleep problems
  • Withdrawing from friends family and colleagues
  • Working harder but getting less done
  • Being afraid to make decisions
  • Feeling anxious- tense, nervous, jumpy, unable to relax
  • Feeling hostile - angle at minor things
  • Scapegoating - blaming others, finds fault, being critical or had to please
  • Having other family members with stress problems - stress is often contagious
  • Having fewer stress free conversation with family and friends
  • Having fights "about everything and anything"
  • Sharing fewer satisfactions with family and friends
  • Denying that anything is the matter
  • Grumpy 

2 Common ways to create stress
  • Always expecting that things will go wrong, ratherthan expecting that things will go right
  • Always thinking that you have to do thins, rather than thinking that you have a choice
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  1. Sha suka hilangkan stress dengan coklat dan relax dalam bilik gelap..


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