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Food Hunting in Bukit Panjang

Food Hunting in Bukit Panjang | For many of us who are looking for a property, careless if it is for our own stay or even the purpose is for investment, surely the property in the central business district such as Orchard does not seems affordable to most people especially the young working adults. Then it is advisable for them to look into the quieter district such as Bukit Panjang.  There are also many condominiums in Bukit Panjang for sale.  Even being a quieter area yet less busy and  more of a residential area, Bukit Panjang has a lot to offer.

This article will guide for some food places to visit in Bukit Panjang and perhaps can satisfy the hungry tummy however these shops are Non HALAL.

169 Fish Soup
169 Fish Soup serves fresh and thick slices of fish with no fishy taste or smell.  Their portions are generous and a bowl of  fish soup noodle is priced reasonably.  Mos of the health enthusiasts prefer eating fish soup noodles as they are healthier as compared to other dishes.  If you prefer something more than just the clear soup, go for the Tom Yum Soup base to give your taste bud a kick. 

Yu Kee Duck and Noodle House
Yu Kee Duck and Noodle House is well known for their braised duck.  There is a wide variety of dishes for customers to choose from, ranging from rice to noodles, as well as kway chap.  Their braised duck and port innards go well with their rice, noodles or kway chap

Million Fishball Noodle
The owner decided to name the stall Million Fishball Noodle because the owner is said to sell over a million fishballs in a year.  There is even a newspaper article to back up the claim.  Million Fishball Noodle is no stranger to those who hve been residing in Bukit Panjang for a long time.  Choose your preferred noodles, Mee Pok or Mee Kia and the owner will blend them in a mixture of chili sauce and a sweet sauce as the base flavour for your noodles.  The fishball noodle is also served with a generous amount of firm chewy bouncy meatballs.  Plus point - the stall is opened 24 hours so this is good news for those who love to go for late supper all the time.

Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant
Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant is a Zi Char stall located at Kim Sam Leng Food Center.  Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant serves a wide variation of seafood other than the common Zi Char dishes, such as Hokkien Mee, Hor Fun, Ee Mee and Mui Fan.  There are the steamed dish, deep fried large instestine stuffed with spring onion, sambal kangkong, 3 cups chicken and the must order prawn paste fried chicken.  All these dishes are really affordable and do not cause a hole in your wallet

Xin Ban Mian
Ban Mian (wheat noodles) often comes off as a type of comfort food, especially for those who are sich or during the rainy cold days. Xin Ban Mian offers a bowl of hearty piping hot soup with ban mian, pork innards, minced pork, vegetables and topped with crispy friend anchovies.  The soup sotck is slow simmered to achieve the natural sweetness from the pork bone, ikan bilis and purple onions.  In addition, the ban mian served at Xin Ban Mian is very affordable as well.  This is absolutely a perfect meal for rainy days or the sick.  Do try on one of their best sellers, Pork Belly Ban Mian if you crave for Ban Mian.  There is also a dry version of ban mian that you can choose from if you do not like souply noodles.

You Xiang Teochew Noodles
You Xiang Teochew Noodles is famous as you can notice from the queue at their stall in the Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre & Market.  They have been operating since 1985 by selling fishball noodles and prawn noodles.  Their menu has now expanded and now includes Bak Choor Mee (Minced Meat Noodles), Fishball Noodles, Taiwan Meatball Soup and side dishes such as Ngoh Hiang (Five Spiced Meat Roll), Fishcake, Seafood Beancurd Roll and Taiwan Meatballs.

Like Pudding
Like Pudding is a dessert place located in Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre & Market.  They have an extensive menu where you will be spoilt for choice.  Like Pudding specialises in Taiwan style flavoured dessert puddings iwht toppings that are homemade.  Do try on their Signature Egg Pudding with Fillings if you are a pudding lover  In addition, other than puddings, they serve local delights as well such as Tao Suand Cheng Tng at really affordable price. Make sure you grab yourself a serving of their pudding as dessert after you finish your main meal.

In conclusion, Bukit Panjang has a lot more to offer.  It might not be as hipster as other neighbourhood, such as Tiong Bahru, but it has its own uniqueness that you will have to slowly find  out and explore by yourself.


  1. bagus info..tak tahu banyak jugak tempat makanan kat Bukit Panjang ni

  2. First time dengar nama Bukit Panjang ni kak. Boleh food hunting ke sini. Siapa beli property kat sini sure akan bg good investment nanti.

  3. memang kawasan kedai makan cina ker?


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