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Meet your next big
leap in AI
The #1 Most Advanced ChatGPT Prompt Bundle On The Planet.
Over 10,000+ prompts and 2,000+ tasks to automate.
Includes lifetime updates
Meet your next
big leap in AI
The #1 Most Advanced ChatGPT
Prompt Bundle On The Planet. Over
10,000+ prompts and 2,000+ tasks to
Includes lifetime updates
Unlock with Umifyzy Plus
Unlock with Umifuzy Plus

Chat GPT Prompt Packs

14-day money-back guarantee
200+ tasks to automate
2099+ marketing prompts
Automate work for all the mundane
marketing-related tasks.

Ultimate ChatGPT
Marketing Prompt Pack

14-day money-back guarantee
250+ tasks to automate
999+ prompts for HR work
Speed up most of HR-related work quicker
using our ChatGPT prompts

HR Prompt Pack

Ultimate ChatGPT
14-day money-back guarantee
2,000+ tasks to automate
10,000+ ChatGPT prompts
All the prompt packs, in one place. 

The Complete Umifuzy
Prompt Pack Bundle

Umifuzy Plus
14-day money-back guarantee
190+ agency tasks to automate
999+ agency prompts
Automate your agency faster with proven
and tested agency prompts

Ultimate ChatGPT Agency
Work Prompt Pack

Agency Owners
14-day money-back guarantee
219+ productivity tasks to automate
1099+ productivity prompts
Automate your day-to-day tasks with
hundreds of productivity prompts

 ✔️ Ultimate ChatGPT
Productivity Prompt Pack

14-day money-back guarantee
180+ assistant tasks to automate
999+ assistant prompts
Fly through & automate your tasks with the
help of our assistant prompts

 ✍️ Ultimate ChatGPT
Assistant Prompt Pack

14-day money-back guarantee
219+ startup tasks to automate
1099+ startup prompts
Scale your startup at the speed of sound
with these ChatGPT startup prompts

Ultimate ChatGPT Startup
Prompt Pack

14-day money-back guarantee
200+ real estate tasks to automate
999+ real estate prompts
Use ChatGPT to save time & achieve more
with real estate prompts.

Ultimate ChatGPT Real
Estate Prompt Pack

Real Estate
14-day money-back guarantee
180+ support tasks to automate
999+ customer support prompts

Ultimate ChatGPT Support
Prompt Pack

Enable ChatGPT to become your helper
with support prompts.
Customer Support
14-day money-back guarantee
Unlock with Umifuzy Plus
200+ tasks to automate
999+ copywriting prompts
Save countless hours of manual work with
these proven copywriting prompts

Copywriting Prompt Pack

✍ Ultimate ChatGPT
14-day money-back guarantee
Unlock with Umifuzy Plus
250+ tasks to automate
999+ sales-related prompts
Boost your sales process with these ready-
made battle-tested prompts.

Sales Prompt Pack

Ultimate ChatGPT
14-day money-back guarantee
Unlock with Umifuzy Plus
200+ business tasks to automate
1099+ business prompts
Enter a new era of entrepreneurship with
these tried and tested business prompts

Ultimate ChatGPT Business
Prompt Pack

14-day money-back guarantee
199+ development tasks to
999+ web development prompts
Unlock with Umifuzy Plus
Set up, design & overview websites easier
than ever with web developer prompts

Ultimate ChatGPT Web
Developer Prompt Pack

Web Development
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Reviews ❤
Performance Marketer
David Wilson
ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me, but this prompt pack
just took it to the next level! The prompts are so comprehensive and
easy to use! Thanks!
@DaveW_11• Jan 25, 2023
eCommerce Brand Owner
James Martinez
As a brand owner, time is everything. I can't afford to waste it on
endless brainstorming sessions and little tasks. This prompt pack has
been a lifesaver!
• Jan 22, 2023
Marketing consultant for SaaS
Ashley Zhang
I'm loving the variety of prompts in this pack! There's something for
every type of marketing campaign. Tried other AI tools, but Umifuzy’s
Prompt Pack is one of the best investments I've made this year.
• Jan 25, 2023
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